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VRA4003 - Seg 01 - China's Open Door Policy
VRA TelePlay Producer's Preview - (4 min Seg.) - Episode Show Credits: Troy Cory; Joey Lauren Adams; Jian Zemin; Deng Xiaping; Zhu Rongji; Jiang Quing; Shelly Zan; V.P. Al Gore, - Players: Kalia Salangron; Christy Mattola; Marve'; Lynn Stepney; The "live' bands include -- the "West End Boys", Bardowell Philip Anthony, John Cowsill, Gary Griffin, Randell Kirsch, Mark Ward, and Robby Scharf; Troy introduces the winners and losers of Dissapointments. - PC#023924440035
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 Open Door

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VRA4003 / China's Open Door Policy
Seg 00 / Open Door Policy00 / Start
Seg 01 / Open Door Policy01 / Show Intro & Credits
Seg 02 / Open Door Policy02 / Shanghaid Gore, Josie, Ding, Troy & Joey "Smooth Sailing"
Seg 03 / Open Door Policy03 / China Political History, Death of the Cultural Revelution, "SummerTime Joey & Troy" - 1987
Seg 04 / Open Door Policy04 / Beijing Concert "Isn't A Shame'
Seg 05 / Open Door Policy05 / Beijing - Deng on stage.
Seg 06 / Open Door Policy06 / End Spots

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