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VRA4003 - Seg 03 - China's Open Door Policy
TelePlay Producer's Preview - (5 min Seg.) - In this segment Troy & Josie Cory describe VP Al Gores 1997 trade mission to Shanghai in 1997. They reminisces about the days and death of Jiang Quing's stronghold on China's cultural revolution. Features 1987 STV Festival .Troy & Joey and the Brooke Sisters sing "Summertime Is Here At Last", Political Figures - Deng Xiaping; Jiang Quing; Shelly Zan; Players: Kalia Salangron; Christy Mattola; Lynn Stepney; The "live' bands include -- the "West End Boys", Bardowell Philip Anthony, John Cowsill, Gary Griffin, Randell Kirsch, Mark Ward, and Robby Scharf; PC#023924440035
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 Open Door

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VRA4003 / China's Open Door Policy
Seg 00 / Open Door Policy00 / Start
Seg 01 / Open Door Policy01 / Show Intro & Credits
Seg 02 / Open Door Policy02 / Shanghaid Gore, Josie, Ding, Troy & Joey "Smooth Sailing"
Seg 03 / Open Door Policy03 / China Political History, Death of the Cultural Revelution, "SummerTime Joey & Troy" - 1987
Seg 04 / Open Door Policy04 / Beijing Concert "Isn't A Shame'
Seg 05 / Open Door Policy05 / Beijing - Deng on stage.
Seg 06 / Open Door Policy06 / End Spots

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